This is a deathmatch type of server with a lot of DayZ in it.

A mix between deathmatch and the DayZ endgame scenario where you aim to kill other players, find the best loot and conquer Elektro.

The goal is to maintain the DayZ paranoia and the looting experience.


- Zombies, hunger and thirst is disabled.

- Loot is enabled and trimmed down to guns, ammo, bullets, gear, repair stuff and other items you need on a deathmatch server.

- Loot respawn time is modified, so you will always be able to find good loot.

- Players spawns with random clothes, random backpack, a pistol, mags, knife, bandage, and a radio.

- All guns, mags, ammo, gear and repair items can be found anywhere in Elektro.

- Players spawns in with a radio + 9v battery to communicate with other players.

Server info:

Author: Blaq G-Sus.
Server name: Deathmatch - Kings of Elektro.
Port: 2305.
Player slots: 30.
Map: Chernarus, Elektro.
Mods required: None.

Rules: No rules allowed.