[Fixed] Vehicle damage bug where some vehicles did not take any damage.

[Added] Random loot dropping. Enemies will have a low percentage chance to drop food, water and/or money.

[Changed] Removed cash rewards for kills. These could be used as a kill confirmation. Enemies now may drop loot that can be picked up.

[Added] A destroyer on Stratis Airbase.

[Added] Sniper crates around the map.

[Fixed] Loot system bug.

[Bugs] All known bugs are fixed. All the errors from RPT-logs has been corrected.

[Fixed] Addaction for picking up, dropping and loading ammoboxes into vehicles. The logic is now unbreakable.

[Changed] Load ammoboxes into vehicles by using the drop/load addAction next to the vehicle.

[Changed] You must open the Player Menu and select 'Pick up Ammobox' to pick up ammoBoxes.

[Changed] You can now buy ammoBoxes at the Equipment store and at the Base Shop.

[Fixed] A cash payment bug on ammoboxes.

[Fixed] Added animations to all payments.


[Added] Base building 1.0!:

-Go to the base building shop and buy a truck with all the base parts for 10 000$.
-The base building kit: 1 Cargo HQ, 1 Guard Tower, 1 Ammo Box, 1 water Barrel, 1 Food Sack, and 5 Tin Walls 8m.
-The purpose is to create a hidden base to store your gear, so it should be small and hidden.
-This is only the 1.0 version. There will be changes and updates. Leave some feedback and you might get what you want.
-The truck will have an addAction that will let you start base building if you're 250m away from the nearest building and if the ground is flat enough.
-The food sack and water cooler is moveable with an addAction.

[Added] Persistent ammo boxes can be bought at the gun stores. This is where you can store guns, ammo, and items.

[Added] AmmoBoxes can be picked up and loaded into vehicles so players can transport them to their base.

[Changed] Players can no longer take damage on parachute landing. Too many noobs does'nt know how to land properly.

[Added] A small base alternative at the base shop containing: 1 Two-floor bunker, 1 Ammo Box and 5 sandbag fences.

[Added] More explosives and items at the equipment store.

[Added] More different loot that spawns in towns and military areas.


[Added] You can now pay with Bank Card in all stores except gun stores. (No need for cash on hand)

[Added] 5 new gas stations on the map.

[Changed] Vehicle service stations have new structures and can refill ammo & fuel and fix the damage. Works for helicopters, cars, and boats.

[Added] 2 new vehicle service shops.

[Added] You can choose between refueling, refilling ammo, repairing vehicles, and full vehicle service on vehicle service stations.

[Changed] Reduced player damage on vehicle collisions by 50%.

[Added] Persistent weapon crates can be bought at the gun stores.

[Added] Weapon crates can be picked up and loaded into vehicles so players can transport them to their base.

[Fixed] Duplicated addActions for vehicle ownership.

[Added] Corpses from dead players can be salvaged. Players will get 1000$ for salvaging a corpse.


[Changed] Reworked vehicle-saving system:

Players must take ownership of stolen vehicles to save them in the DB.
Non-owned vehicles have an addaction for taking ownership.
Non-owned vehicles will not be saved and will spawn at the same place every time the server restarts.
When players take ownership of a vehicle it will be replaced with a saveable vehicle.
After taking ownership of a vehicle, the original vehicle will spawn back after a server restart.

[Fixed] Drop cash and pickup cash bug.

[Changed] All weapon crates can be used for saving gear.

[Fixed] Drop cash and pickup cash bug.

[Changed] Only vehicles that players have taken ownership of will save gear.

[Fixed] Bug that caused duplicated hints when a player was knocked.

[Added] Vehicle wrecks can be salvaged. Players will get 1000$ for salvaging a wreck.

[Added] Flipped Quad Bikes can be unflipped with an addaction.

[Fixed] Anti-Combat Logging only triggers when players shoots a gun or someone is shooting towards the player.

[Fixed] Salvage vehicle works as inteneded and no more duplicated addActions.

[Added] New vehicle service function.

Repair damage and refill fuel and ammo for all vehicles.
Go to the 'vehicle service' marker, drive to the garage, and use the addaction.
Players must to pay 1000 $ for a full vehicle service.

[Fixed] Suicide killfeed returned no unit.


[Fixed] [Added] 2 different MRAP's to vehicle stores.

[Fixed] Vehicle spawn direction outside vehicle stores.

[Added] Factory objects between Kamino Town and Kamino Firing Range.

[Added] More hidden bases that players can occupy and store things in.

[Fixed] Airstation Mike mission had a non-existing marker in the script.

[Added] Covington Bay. Small area with 3 shops on the southern side of Stratis.

[Added] 3 more military areas with enemy presence.

[Added] Spawn Randomizer. AI has a 50 or 33 percent chance of spawning on some POIs.

[Changed] Hunter AI will always chase the nearest player.

[Changed] Survival timers.


[Fixed] AI with DLC items could not be spawned if player was missing DLC.

[Fixed] Players that joined in progress could not see the active mission.

[Added] 2 Planes on the Airbase.

[Fixed] Vehicles in Kamino Town was spawning inside the shop.

[Added] More hints so people can find the server info and help themselves.

[Added] New kill feed.

[Fixed] Performance issues.

[Changed] Lowered prices for guns, ammo, and items.

[Added] Editor-placed vehicles will respawn after X minutes.

[Added] All equipment crates save inventory.

[Added] Many military camps for players to use to store items, vehicles etc.

[Added] Removed DLC items from player loadout to prevent DLC ad for players.

[Fixed] Bug with items dropped on death.

[Added] Players get 2000 $ cash for killing other players.

[Fixed] Dropped objects (Canteen and Rice box) will be deleted after 30 min for better performance.

[Fixed] AI Hunter logic for better performance.

[Fixed] Object saving for better performance.

[Changed] Increased cash rewards for missions.

[Changed] Increased high-end loot on military sites.

[Changed] Performance fixes.

[Fixed] Mission loot marker bug.

[Changed] New mission start changed from 10 minutes to 2 minutes.

[Changed] Voice chat with other players only works through the group channel (works as a team radio) or through direct contact with players nearby.

[Changed] Default channel is set to direct channel.

[Fixed] AI Logic AI now spawns and despawns correctly.

[Added] 3 new missions.

[Fixed] Town Invasions will not appear near a player.

[Fixed] Decreased AI accuracy by 1 point.

[Added] Anti-Combat Logging script.

[Changed] Increased mission cash prizes.

[Changed] Added APC's to military missions.

[Changed] Launchers, Rockets, and explosives are now cheaper.

[Added] Killfeed now includes " X was Incapacitated by X.

[Fixed] Scoretables. No longer getting -1 for killing other players. 

[Changed] Time multiplier changed from 6x to 8x at night.


[Changed] Time Multiplier: Night time x6. Daytime x3.

[Fixed] Players now respawn with helmet and vest.

[Changed] Removed server kill feed and added a local 'killed by player X' hint to players when killed.

[Changed] Slowed down the hunger and thirst timer.

[Changed] Removed score table.

[Fixed] Fixed battle tank mission.

[Fixed] Mission bug.  The first mission will now be selected from a total of 14.

[Added] 3 Fuel Stations with auto-refill.


[Changed] Players respawn uniforms, vest, helmet and backpack.

[Added] Rangefinder to respawn loadout.

[Added] Helicopter store.

[Added] New survival hud.

[Changed] Hunger and thirst timer.

[Added] New military sites.

[Added] Stratis Air Base boat store for gunboats.

[Added] Stores on The Spartan down south.

[Added] More respawn locations.


[Fixed] Bug with vehicle saving. All vehicles should be saved from now on.

[Changed] Players spawns with pistol and ammo.

[Added] 1 Vehicles to vehicle stores, Jeep with LMG. Military sites. Random houses in the wilderness.

[Changed] Increased bank balance to 20 000 on first join.

[Changed] Increased loot and loot types.

[Added] Random respawn outfit.

[Changed] Not saving or Loading Wrecks anymore.

[Added] Tank Patrol Mission.


[Changed] Edited towns and added buildings.

[Changed] AI bandits spawns in random buildings.

[Added] 4 Vehicles stores.

[Added] Persistent DB saving for vehicles.

[Changed] Some of the AI soldiers spawns inside buildings on town invasions.

[Changed]Server wipe due to new DB.


[Changed] Added help menu.

[Changed] Player Menu, renamed survival to eat/drink.

[Changed] Food/Water converted from amount to % to reduce server objects.

[Changed] Amount of Food cans converted to Rice Box with %.

[Changed] Amount of Water bottles converted to Canteen with %.

[Changed] Loadout weapon changed to Rifle.

[Changed] Night Vison Goggles added to loadout.

[Added] ATM markers.

[Changed] Some AI's spawn inside buildings.

[Changed] Agia Marina buildings restructured.

[Changed] Air Station Mike buildings restructured.

[Changed] Airbase buildings restructured.

[Changed] Firing range buildings restructured.

[Changed] Changed alternative respawn to 2km away from position of death.

[Fixed] AI spawning on the Air base.

[Changed] More enemy AI's.


[Fixed] Eventhandler now works as intended.

[Removed] Removed XP Because XP reveals if enemy is dead or not.

[Fixed] JIP Players was unable to pick up existing loot.

[Fixed] The Survival system + money and bank now works as intended.

[Fixed] Changed Safezone objects and added general store.

[Changed] Now must be alive to quit. [Fixed] Unable to respawn because player quit while dead.

[Changed] Changed Food and Water limit to 3.

[Changed] Changed Hydration and Fullness to 75% on respawn.

[Wiped DB] Due to DB errors I had to perform a wipe. Won't happen again.



[Added] Renegades hunting down players instead of Opfor hunters.

[Added] Drop survival items and money on death.

[Added] Drop money, food or water on the ground to share with another player

[Added] HUD for Hydration, Fullness, food, xp and water. [Added] 1 for each kill.

[Added] Survival objects: Well and water coolers for getting water, food sacks.

[Added] ATM system. [Added] General store with food and water.



[Added] Dynamic enemy AI spawns in military sites.

[Added] Dynamic enemy AI spawns in housing sites.

[Added] AI hunter group that hunts down a random player.

[Added] Missions: Town invasions, money transport, boat patrol and attack heli.

[Added] Safezone for respawns.