[Changed] Edited towns and added buildings.

[Changed] AI bandits spawns in random buildings.

[Added] 4 Vehicles stores.

[Added] Persistent DB saving for vehicles.

[Changed] Some of the AI soldiers spawns inside buildings on town invasions.
[Changed]Server wipe due to new DB.


[Changed] Added help menu.

[Changed] Player Menu, renamed survival to eat/drink.

[Changed] Food/Water converted from amount to % to reduce server objects.

[Changed] Amount of Food cans converted to Rice Box with %.

[Changed] Amount of Water bottles converted to Canteen with %.

[Changed] Loadout weapon changed to Rifle.

[Changed] Night Vison Goggles added to loadout.

[Added] ATM markers.

[Changed] Some AI's spawn inside buildings.

[Changed] Agia Marina buildings restructured.

[Changed] Air Station Mike buildings restructured.

[Changed] Airbase buildings restructured.

[Changed] Firing range buildings restructured.

[Changed] Changed alternative respawn to 2km away from position of death.

[Fixed] AI spawning on the Air base.

[Changed] More enemy AI's.


[Fixed] Eventhandler now works as intended.

[Removed] Removed XP Because XP reveals if enemy is dead or not.

[Fixed] JIP Players was unable to pick up existing loot.

[Fixed] The Survival system + money and bank now works as intended.

[Fixed] Changed Safezone objects and added general store.

[Changed] Now must be alive to quit. [Fixed] Unable to respawn because player quit while dead.

[Changed] Changed Food and Water limit to 3.

[Changed] Changed Hydration and Fullness to 75% on respawn.

[Wiped DB] Due to DB errors I had to perform a wipe. Won't happen again.



[Added] Renegades hunting down players instead of Opfor hunters.

[Added] Drop survival items and money on death.

[Added] Drop money, food or water on the ground to share with another player

[Added] HUD for Hydration, Fullness, food, xp and water. [Added] 1 for each kill.

[Added] Survival objects: Well and water coolers for getting water, food sacks.

[Added] ATM system. [Added] General store with food and water.



[Added] Dynamic enemy AI spawns in military sites.

[Added] Dynamic enemy AI spawns in housing sites.

[Added] AI hunter group that hunts down a random player.

[Added] Missions: Town invasions, money transport, boat patrol and attack heli.

[Added] Safezone for respawns.