Jump with the 'Step over' key. (Third person view is only activated on these instructional videos)

Eject and open parachute.

Eject from helicopters with 'V' and open parachute with 'F'. The parachute will be cut automatically when 1 m above ground.
(Third person view activated for instructional video only)


Enhanced player speed

Radio - Send Paratrooper (deactivated)

If player group only has 1 member, you can scroll the mouse wheel and select 'Send Paratrooper'. A paratrooper will land within 100m away from player and help out.


Toggle earplugs with mouse scroll and mouse click or by pressing 'insert'.


Take food/water, consume, drop, drop on death, atm and xp

HAL's guns and gear store

Buy stuff and pick them up from the cargo box afterwards.