What to do on this server?

Play as a lone wolf or team up with other players.
You can do money missions, fight PvP and PvE battles, explore the new edition of Stratis, collect and store items/guns in your base, and gear up for adventures. Save money and buy epic vehicles from the vehicle stores.

Where are the enemies located? 

Enemies spawn in towns, villages, military sites, and through all missions.
There will also be 4 AI bounty hunters at the server at all times, hunting random players.

Where do I respawn?

Respawn markers are placed all over the map.

Persistence and saving: 

Your location and your weapon/gear loadout will be saved when you disconnect from the server and automatically loaded when you re-connect/join.
You can store items, guns and ammo in all ammo crates and vehicles.

Are there any missions on this server? 

Yes, there are 13 different missions that will be randomly selected, only one mission will run at the time. Missions will be marked on the map.

Where can I find guns, ammo and gear? 

You can buy guns and gear at the GunStores. You can find weapon crates on military sites and weapons and ammo will spawn in random buildings.

How to earn money? 

Earn money from moneymissions and by killing and looting enemies. You will earn small amounts of money by killing enemies. Big amounts of cash can  only be earned by doing missions. You can also sell stuff to the equipment store to earn money.

Where can I find vehicles? 

High level vehicles can be found on military bases and airports. Medium and low level vehicles can be found on enemy sites, in towns and near POI's. Vehicles can be repaired with a toolkit.

Vehicle and loot saving:

Vehicles will be saved but will also stay unlocked, so you should hide your vehicles before logging out. 

Guns, ammo, and items will be saved if they are put in an ammo crate or in a vehicle.


There are many hidden bases on Stratis. Most of the hidden bases have loot crates you can use to save your loot. You can use the hidden base in the middle of nowhere to hide your vehicle and log out.