Where are the enemies located? 

Enemies spawn in through missions. Use the map and look for the task marker.

Where do I respawn?

Independent and Blufor can respawn on military bases belonging to the side you're on. You may also respawn 1000m away from position of death.

Persistence and saving: 

Your location and your weapon/gear loadout will be saved when you disconnect from the server and automatically loaded when you re-connect/join.

Are there any missions on this server? 

Yes, there are 10 different missions which will be randomly selected, only one mission will run at the time. When there are 0 players alive the mission fails. Open map and go to the 'task' tab to view the active.

Where can I find guns, ammo and gear? 

You can buy guns and gear at the GunStores. Military pallets with virtual arsenal are to be found on every spawn point and will let the player save loadouts or load saved loadouts. You will also find loot boxes on spawnpoints, enemy sites and in some buildings.

How to earn money? 

Earn money from towninvasion missions and by killing and looting enemies. You will earn small amounts of money by killing enemies. Big amounts of cash can  only be earned by doing missions.

Where can I find vehicles? 

High level vehicles can be found on military bases and airports. Medium and low level vehicles can be found on enemy sites, in towns and near POI's. Vehicles can be repaired with a toolkit.

How to call for friendly AI soldier and add them to your group: 

Type in 081 to deploy friendly paratrooper. This function is also available through the player menu by scrolling the mouse wheel.

What to do if friendly AI is stuck in an object or a building: 

Type in 082 and click on the AI on the map to delete the AI.