How to open the Player menu:

Scroll the mouse wheel and click on 'Player Menu' to open it. In this menu you can eat/drink, join/leave group and toggle earplugs.


How to join or leave group:

Scroll the mouse wheel, select 'player menu' and select 'Group Management' while standing in front of a player on your side. Then select 'join group' or 'leave group'.

How to jump:

Press the 'STEP OVER' key while running.

How to toggle earplugs: 

Scroll the mouse wheel and click 'Toggle Earplugs' or press on the 'Insert' key.

How to open parachute: 

Press 'F' while in air. The parachute will automatically be removed when the player has landed.

How to cut lose parachute: 

Press 'V' while in air. You can open a new parachute after cutting loose.

How to Eject from vehicles: 

Press 'V' while driving/flying/in parachute etc. How to holster weapon: Press 'H' to holster weapon.

How to Call for paratrooper:

Mouse scroll and select "Radio - Deploy Paratrooper". (Max 1 per player)