About the mission:

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This server is a mix between Dayz and Wasteland with focus on performance, PvP, PvE and adventure.

Enemy AI's and AI vehicles:
Larger AI groups will spawn in through server missions which will be visible under 'tasks' on the map. AI groups will also spawn in on random POI's.

Dynamic loot spawning inside houses and buildings.


Vehicles are spawning in towns and military bases. Vehicles can be bought in the vehicle store.

There are many different missions that will be activated randomly. 1 mission will run at a time.

Persistence and saving:
The server is saving player gear, position, health and money.

Money system: 
Buy guns and gear at the stores. You can earn money from doing missions and/or get from killed players.
Starting funds: 20000$.

Survival system:
Players must eat and drink to survive.
Buy food and water at the stores. You can also loot food and water from other players or find food sacks, water dispensers and wells in military bases.

Gunstore, vehicle store and general store.

Service stations:
Refill gas and ammo on vehicles.